Corporate Social Responsibility

At ITS we believe in the core philosophy of sustainability and going green. At ITS we take CSR seriously, to even engage and guide our staff towards a sustainable future. We behave responsibly in the most minute ways to improve all our activities within the workplace, environment and market arena. Our foremost idea is to ‘help build a better world’ in the way we proceed with our corporate works or live ourselves as individuals.

As building system integrators, we see on the basic level how important it is to manage wastes, and help spread awareness to control wastes. We partner with many organizations to also help bring up living standards in the most responsible manner.

A sustainable future for our planet and its people remain a top priority. We strive to provide a company that people are proud to work for, recognizing the importance showing respect for the community we work in. We pride in our high ‘Employer retainship’ levels maintained since our inception.