Copper & Coaxial Cables

Our Copper cable range has coaxial cables, LAN cables, telephone cables, Control cable (alarm cables), Instrumentation Cables, and various computer and network cables.

ITS offers high quality products from world leading manufacturers meet industry international standards. Furthermore, we offer superior technical services both domestically and internationally, and take pride in meeting the needs of our valued customers.

Coaxial Cable

  • Catv Broadband Video Cablecoaxial_cable
  • CCTV(Close Circuit Television) Cable
  • DBS(Direct Broadcasting Satellite) Cable
  • RG Type Coaxial Cable
  • JIS Type Coaxial Cable

Control Cable

Control/instrumentation cables use for supplying power to devices, operational control for huge plant facilities, traffic control systems and serve as antennae.

  • PVC insulated corrugated metal armored control cable
  • PVC insulated mata-seal sheathed control cable
  • Multi-pair thermocouple extension cable with multi shields
  • PE Insulated submarine cable for floating-dock


Instrumentation Cables (300V and 600V)

  • Instrumentation (300V)
  • Thermocouple (300V)
  • C-L-X Armored Instrumentation (300V)
  • Loxarmor Armored Instrumentation (300V)
  • Wired Armored Instrumentation (300V)
  • C-L-X Armored Thermocouple (300V)
  • Loxarmor Armed Thermocouple (300V)
  • Wire Armored Thermocouple (300V)
  • POS, SPOS Type TC (600V)
  • POS, SPOS Type MC-HL  C-L-X Armored (600V)


Low Voltage Cables - Industrial

  • Single Conductor RHH-RHW-2-USE for Cable Tray UseSingle Conductor Power and Control (600V)Multi-conductor Type MC - C-L-X or Lox armor - Power & Control
  • Multi-conductor Type TC - Power & Control
  • Multi-conductor Central Station

Low Voltage Cables - Utility

  • Multi-conductor Control
  • Multi-conductor UL - MC and Hazardous Location Control
  • Multi-conductor Thermoplastic Control