Networking solutions that deliver results fast

At ITS we provide total networking solutions. Beginning with the signal source and the overall requirement, we employ the latest optical fibre transmission techniques to:

  • provide Network solutions
  • Supply the most suitable products
  • We also Install, Commission and Test to the customer’s satisfaction.

ITS have extensive experience with optical fibre networks operating in:

  • Harsh Industrial Environments
    Associated with Process Control, Site Monitoring Systems and IT Technology

The solutions offered embrace all combinations of communication networks varying from traditional Data Networks up to and including the deployment of SDH systems.

Where your requirement involves the use of:

  • Ethernet
  • Data Communications Interfaces – RS485-RS422-RS232-etc
  • The Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
  • Wireless Technology

Broadcast quality fibre optic solutions

Baseband video, Digital video, RF video, Firewire

At ITS we focus our attention on optical fibre solutions that will maintain an image quality suitable for the Broadcast industry.

  • We listen carefully to your requirements.
  • We take into account the environment.
  • Then we will recommend a “best way forward” to ensure that image quality is maintained during the transmission process for:

    Baseband Video
    FM or Digital encoded Video with Audio or Data if required

    Digital Video
    Serial Digital Interface (SDI)
    Digital Video Interface (DVI)

    Hi-Resolution Graphics
    VGA to XGA2
    USB Video

    RF Video
    Intermediate Frequency – 70Mhz to 140Mhz
    L Band - 950Mhz to 1535Mhz

    In addition to taking care of the image quality, ITS can provide expert advice on all your optical fibre needs, including the system design, installation, commissioning and test.

CCTV fibre optic systems

Closed circuit video surveillance technology

  • Are you in the process of deciding how to configure a CCTV system?
  • Are you planning to employ traditional analogue transmission methods or apply new digital techniques?

During the past few years, traditional security and surveillance industry projects have undergone a significant amount of system integration; CCTV, Access Control, Fire & Intruder Detection are all acquiring more digital communications packaging. Where Access Control, Fire & Intruder Detection systems are digital communications based networks, CCTV has an analogue origin with the most critical element being the delivery of a quality picture.

Recent developments in IP network products means that good quality images are now available. However, IP solutions versus traditional CCTV networking methods need to be thoroughly considered before deciding on the most suitable way forward.

At ITS, we have been providing “best” CCTV solutions for more than 10 years. We can help you make a value judgement on which route to take.

Traditional or Digital CCTV?

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Give us your problem and we will provide you with a “best” solution at no cost.

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