External Fibre Cable Installation

Intelligent Telecommunication Systems specialise in providing cable installation solutions when buildings, campus and process plant require communication links for data or control signals using fibre optic cabling. We will carry out a free survey of your site and design a fiber optic cabling route or fibre network to meet your cabling project requirement. Our engineers will advise the correct type of fibre cable for the environment and data transmission rate. Our cable installation experience ranges from prestigious office buildings, airside to harse environment process plants so we will be able to offer you the best in fibre optic cabling solutions professionally installed and tested.

Our specialist fibre optic installation teams who are fully trained and equipped will install all external single mode fibre optic and multimode fibre optic cabling to meet the data transfer rate and distance requirement. This may utilise existing cable duct routes that we will rod and rope if required or we can offer civil construction of a new duct and pit system for the required route. Alternatively we can advise if aerial fibre optic cabling or wireless may prove a cost effective solution.

Duct route construction, proving, rod & roping and cable pulling services allow us to provide the cable route plus the cable installation of all mode and types of fibre optic cabling.

A typical fibre optic cable installation may be a cross site link between two buildings connecting servers for local area networks. We have been involved with the installation of hundreds of kilometres of external fibre optic cabling and have a proven track record of cross site fibre installations of single pulls in excess of 5km.

We are able carry out installations of tight buffered and loose tube fibres CST or armoured fibre optic cables in the following types:

  • OS1 9/125
  • OM1 62.5/125
  • OM2 50/125
  • OM3 50/125

We are able to offer nationwide fibre optic cable installations using:

  • Direct cable pulling
  • Winching
  • Rodding and roping
  • OTDR testing
  • Fusion splicing
  • Fibre optic cable Pedcap jointing
  • LSPM fibre proving

We are also able to offer a civil engineering capability for the following:

  • Trenching and digging
  • Installation of new ducting
  • Installation of new pits
  • Repairs of blocked or collapsed ducts
  • Duct route design & specification
  • Surveys