Analogue CCTV Systems

We offer a comprehensive range of analogue CCTV systems from fixed cameras to pan & tilt and dome cameras with powerful zoom lenses capable of picking out a number plate at distances greater than a mile away.

Analogue CCTV systems are stand alone systems that are able to offer the flexibility of static or roaming cameras pre-programmed or client controlled. Most systems are able to offer the options of a viewing monitor and / or PC based view and control.

Our systems start with the design and use of a wide range of copper and fibre networks allowing for bandwidth and fast data transfer.

Upgrading your Existing CCTV System

We understand that while you may want an enhanced CCTV system that uses the latest technology, you also need to make the most of your original investment in analogue CCTV equipment.

We are able to advise you on which areas of your system to upgrade to digital CCTV to get the performance you require while saving you money on a complete refit.

We can assess your security system and discuss and concerns and specific requirements you may have before recommending product that will improve your existing CCTV systems performance, flexibility and control.

The main advantages of analogue CCTV are:

  • Cost effective to install
  • Closed system which is perceived as tamper proof
  • Can be upgraded to IP at a later date if required