CCTV Cameras

With expertise in Digital Recording, High Speed Domes, Infra Red and Cameras, We are committed to providing customers with the latest CCTV technology and perfect customer service, based on our philosophy of 'Creativity, Progress & Excellence'.

Our experience in structured cabling installation allows us to install new or utilise existing data network systems. This makes IP CCTV systems extremely affordable and a practical option when deciding on your CCTV system.

The additional benefits of Future proofing, Remote access, Cost effectiveness and maintainability are directing clients to the real benefits of IP CCTV.

The initial design can include IP CCTV IR Camera, IP CCTV High speed dome cameras, IP CCTV Vandel resistant Cameras, IP CCTV Colour mini dome cameras, IP CCTV body cameras and network video recorders. The IP CCTV IR day night cameras have the range of upto 40 mtrs making them an extremely effective camera for surveillance purposes.