Choosing a CCTV System

CCTV and surveillance technology is constantly evolving and with a wide range of products available understanding your options can be confusing, whether you’re new to CCTV or planning to upgrade an existing system.

With Analogue CCTV still being widely used and digital CCTV rapidly increasing in its use and functionality the choice of which CCTV systems to use is becoming harder. So if you don’t know if you need HD megapixel cameras, IP CCTV Cameras or Analogue CCTV cameras then we can help our Free Surveys allow us to specify and install the system to meet your CCTV surveillance requirement. Furthermore we are able to offer a range of Premium or budget CCTV surveillance systems to meet your budget along with very competitive CCTV leasing options. Our installation engineers will install all cabling from Coax cable to Cat5e plus any electrical cabling requirements so one call to us gets the job done.

We’ve put together a few things you need to consider to get the right CCTV system to suit your needs, which you can read below.


  • Why do I want to install CCTV? It’s essential to start with a clear idea of what you want your CCTV system to achieve
  • What equipment will I need? Essentially, a CCTV system comprises of one or more cameras and either a software or hardware based image recording facility. You will need to consider whether you want an analogue system or IP based system
  • How can I store images? Images can be stored on the camera itself or on a digital video recorder (DVR). DVR’s and computer software offer the ability to record multiple channels and images from several cameras at the same time.
  • How can I monitor images? A key consideration to getting the right system is to know how you want to view the images from your cameras. Will you have a central control room constantly monitoring screens, a third-party to monitor your property or access your images remotely?
  • Do I need fixed or moving cameras? Depending on the rationale of your CCTV system, you may want a mixture of a fixed and PTZ cameras to cover different zones and applications
  • Do I need IP of analogue cameras? Analogue cameras are ideal if you want to monitor one location from a fixed position, however with newer recorders you can view images remotely. An IP camera is more flexible and can enable a more sophisticated surveillance, recording and review. IP cameras can also deliver high definition or megapixel images.
  • Should I integrate my CCTV with my other security systems? CCTV systems can easily be integrated to enhance your security with an intruder alarm or access control for example. They can also be integrated into your existing networks reducing installation costs.

Things to consider when choosing a CCTV system:

  • What do you want your CCTV system to achieve
  • Do you want an IP or analogue CCTV system
  • How do you want to store your images
  • How do you want to view the images from your cameras
  • Will you require fixed cameras or moving cameras
  • Do you want to integrate your CCTV system with your other security systems
  • Do you require a wireless transmission
  • Maintenance contracts