IP CCTV Systems

We provide a complete range of IP Camera CCTV system installation services across all industries and applications. Experts in data networks we can advise from the start the best network cable solution on which to build your IP CCTV system. This can include the utilisation of existing network cabling or new structured cabling, fibre optic cabling or wireless CCTV.

The benefits of IP CCTV are many including greater resolution and definition of viewed and recorded CCTV images. The most important function of a CCTV surveillance system is to be able once detected the production of a quality recorded image. An IP CCTV system also now allows clients the benefits of remote access to view live and recorded images anywhere in the World whenever they require. So the IP cameras are accessed quickly via computer or I phone.

PSS specialise in the design and installation of the network and the IP CCTV systems tailored to clients exact requirements to the highest standards of quality and satisfaction. Plus we offer full transitional design from Analogue CCTV to IP CCTV systems with a focus on affordability in today's economic climate.

CCTV leasing offers clients a cost effective and tax efficient CCTV Camera solution where you could pay as little as a few pounds per day for a comprehensive IP CCTV system fully installed.

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Benefits of IP CCTV Systems Explained

High Quality Images – Using digital cameras, processing and storage ensures that picture quality is always high, as there is no degradation of image quality as with analogue equipment

Simplified User Interface – The playback and search facilities are far superior to those of analogue systems, enabling immediate search and archive by events. Pictures of alarm events can also be scheduled and instantly sent by email for playback.

Remote Accessibility – Can be accessed over the internet providing quicker access. Images can also be stored at remote locations for added security and convenience.

Future Proof Investment – Any investment in IP-surveillance is for the long term as it uses a technology which is quickly gaining recognition in the security industry. Equipment from several manufacturers can be used in the same system. It also makes it easier to expand your IP CCTV system in the future.

Cost Effective – IP CCTV systems can function with an existing analogue one. It can be configured to receive the same video and alarm signalling as the existing analogue system. As both systems are capable of independent operation, there is no need to dispose of existing equipment until you are ready to expand the IP CCTV system, saving on initial installation and equipment costs.

Integration – IP CCTV can easily be integrated into your existing network systems, e.g. access control, company intranets, alarm systems etc.

The main advantages of IP CCTV are:

  • Store as many recordings from as many cameras as you want
  • Image quality is superior and doesn’t degrade over multiple copies or time
  • It’s easy to sort through recorded data
  • Can connect remotely via the internet and view images at any time
  • Can be integrated into your existing networks reducing installation costs
  • Can deliver high definition or megapixel images
  • Can run alongside an existing analogue system
  • Digital data can be transmitted via Wireless links for many Km
  • Remotely viewed on I Phones
  • POE CCTV devices allow power to be delivered along a single signal cable reducing the need for electrical installation.