Intelligent Traffic Solutions

Intelligent Traffic Solutions

Tolling  - ITS  is specialized in design, deployment of products and systems for electronic toll collection in various patterns – multi-lane free flow, etc. Our design is focused on optimizing congestion issues around the city. By negating the possibility of toll gates, this helps a free flow movement for vehicles by utilizing Radio Frequency Identification Tag technology. We also offer technical and maintenance services for many other tolling solutions to any environment.

VMS - Variable Message Signs is an electronic traffic sign often used on roadways to give travelers information about special events, such as signs warning of Traffic Congestion, Accidents, and Incidents, Roadwork zones or Speed limits on a specific high sensitive freeway segment. With accurate understanding of the location we can help propose and design appropriate locations for installing VMS’s throughout the city to ideally help authorities to bring in an optimized flow of traffic movement in a city.

PARKING - Parking Management & Guidance Solutions that form a part of off-road Traffic solutions package of ITS.  ITS brings to board a design to build structure of Parking Management / Guidance products and solutions. This brings in a combination of tolling solutions and guidance solutions, to bring forward a combined solution to our clients.


Red Light §  This is an innovative design to further increase safety at junctions in a city. ITS assists transports authorities to help bring an automated ticketing system that monitor vehicles entering a junction whilst the junction signals displaying red. It is a continuous monitoring system that helps cater to the needs of safety and security at the most critical points of a traffic system.

Bus Lane§  This is an optimum solution to help Roads Transport Authority of a city to help improvise and increase efficiency of Public Bus Transport System for its citizens. We help transport authorities to monitor and penalize vehicles that prove to be a hindrance in the smooth functioning of one of the public transport system (bus transport).

Speed  Speed Enforcement is one of the most commonly used design to monitor drivers to help maintain a speed security in the city. These designs involve monitoring and ticketing to help induce a level of discipline for city roads/freeways.

S-WIM / H-WIM  Slow Weigh-in Motion / High Weigh-in Motion is a fast and easy to install system that helps to check accurately passing vehicles (especially trucks) weights, to confirm the loads that every passing vehicle passes. This depends on two features split as mentioned, slow and at high speeds.